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Grapevine #65

The Sunbird team

30 Years in Puerto Portals

Eric Martin, owner of Sunbird was the first to open an office in Puerto Portals in 1986. Having been in the UK yacht sales business for 14 years, the time felt right to expand in to different waters. Sailing in the Mediterranean felt like an exciting progression. Sunshine was, of course, a huge draw to the Mediterranean and having heard about a new and prestigious marina being completed in Mallorca, 7km west of Palma town the expansion felt right. “When we saw the site we knew it was the perfect opportunity to open Sunbird S.A.” Puerto Portals combined an incredible location with clear ambitions to become a luxury destination. Eric had met Simon Crutchley, a fluent Spanish speaker whose local knowledge, great contacts and yachting experience made him the ideal candidate to manage the new operation. The potential was huge and it felt right to get in from the start. And so Sunbird Mallorca opened its doors in August 1986 – one week after the launch of the iconic Wellies, as they’d been storing their tables and chairs for them!

There is no doubt Puerto Portals is firmly established as one of the best and most beautiful marinas in the Mediterranean, with a fantastic future ahead. Thirty years after Sunbird opened its doors, Portals’ original marina resident could not be prouder to have been here since day one.

Mallorca Solutions Opening Party August 5 2016 Photo Credit Vicki McLeod Phoenix Media -0227

Mallorca Solutions Party

I popped in to wish Becky Bellafont Evans and her team good luck at their new office which is between the Post Office (Correos) and the British Surgery at C/Germans Pinzons 5, Local 2 in Palma Nova. Many, many familiar faces were there, along with new ones as Becky and her gang specialise in looking after people who move to the island: organising their paperwork and helping them get settled in to their new lives. A personal highlight was getting to try some of Stephanie Prather’s delicious vegan canapés (I had to be dragged away from them before I truly embarrassed myself by eating them all).

Sophie Butterfield and Comet Air Photo Credit Vicki McLeod Phoenix Media -7715

Congratulations Sophies!

My little girl, Gidg, is now fully horse obsessed. For the last three weeks she has been accompanying her mentor and teacher Sophie Cordoba Mitchell (owner of Club Caballisto Son Malero in Calvia where she rides), and stable mates Sophie Butterfield and Angelina Schlak on very, very late night expeditions. Sophie B has been competing on her horse Comet Air in three high level events culminating last week in a three night marathon. Because of the heat the competition is run at night, with most of the classes being from 8pm to 2am. (A sensible person might suggest they do the competition in winter, but hey). Gidg’s role is gopher, and video maker. Sophie managed to finish fourth (out of forty experienced riders) in the “Infanta” which is a very prestigious event, so well done Sophie and her team, Gidg included!

The Wednesday Group

In September Kay Halley from the Universal Bookshop in Portals will launch a new community group which she is going to call The Wednesday Group. Its aim is to produce knitted, sewn and crocheted items for sale by the various community groups on the island (particularly Age Concern and the Cancer Support Group). The group is being launched also as a remembrance for a lady which Kay was very close to, Cynthia, who was a demon knitter and quilter in her time and produced many blankets, hats, scarves etc for various groups. The group will be open for anyone who can knit, sew, crochet, or wants to learn. The idea is that they will produce the item and they can decide which charity benefits from it. It will also be a brilliant way to make new friends and enrich your social circle.The group will launch on 7th September.  Assocuacio Veinats 3, Carrer de la Lluna in Bendinat. You can get more information by calling 971 676 116


Pet Project: Dog of the week

Snowgun is a beautiful 18 month old German Shepherd mix, possibly mixed with either a white German Shepherd or a Husky. She is a very good, fit, healthy young girl. She is leishmaniosis negative and has no known health problems. Snowgun is very obedient, and comes when her name is called . She walks beautifully on the lead . As like most GSD she is very intelligent. She is looking ideally for a sporty family to adopt her as she is lots of fun with loads of energy,  playful but does know when to stop. Snowgun was found on the street, living as a stray before Dogs For U took her in. She is very good with other dogs and lives with 8 other dogs in the main pack at DFU. She is a perfect fun loving dog. As with all dogs from DFU. She comes spayed, fully vaccinated, wormed, chipped, flea protected, has a passport. And comes with a DFU contract.  She is a perfect girl and will enhance anyone’s life. What more could you ask for. Call Cornelia on 637 242 228.

Emma and Daniel in the wave pool

Emma-Jane Woodham

My husband and I both had the pleasure of photographing this beauty recently at BH Mallorca, Mood Beach and other locations around the island. She’s made herself infamous by doing something rather naughty on the Love Island TV show, but in reality she is a darling. Very sweet, very polite, fun and gorgeous to boot.

The Orchestra 6 August 2016 Port Adriano Photo Credit Vicki McLeod Phoenix Media -0216


I wasn’t going to refer to the absence of Jeff Lynne at the press conference for The Orchestra last week, but Richie Prior (Radio One Mallorca and columnist for the MDB) didn’t get hung up on such niceties. I watched in admiration as he politely referred to the elephant in the room in a way which meant the musicians couldn’t skip around the question “Do you think you will ever perform again with Jeff?”. The answer was quite revealing. “Jeff’s more of a studio guy. We’re more band guys. He collaborates with one guy and we like to tour”.  I only saw the first three songs of the gig itself, but I was told by friends of mine that it was really good. Well done to the team at Port Adriano for putting on some top quality acts this summer.

Simply Red

Speaking of top quality acts…. The gig of the year is almost upon us. One more week to go. Some tickets are still available I understand, mostly standing. See you there?

Events in Mallorca – March

Firstly, there is a collection being done by Antonia Triguero for refugees who are currently arriving on the Greek island of Kos. She has managed to get a shipping company in Inca to pay for a 40 foot container to be sent over there, and she has until this Friday to fill it! She is looking for: donations of: tents, sleeping bags, blankets (but not heavy), baby carriers, strollers, wheelchairs, comfortable walking shoes, socks, underwear, travel bags, raincoats, nappies, women’s sanitary towels and tampons, soap and shampoo (small 200 ml bottles), toothbrushes and toothpaste, sweatpants, summer hats, spring jackets, baby wipes and powdered milk.  If you check on the TRE website later there will be a list of the collection points in and around Inca and across Mallorca.



This Thursday is St Patrick’s Day and at Sanddancers Bar in Cala Bona you can join in their Annual “ST PADDIES PARTY NIGHT!” which is always a lot of fun, laughter, and I guess a few Guinnesses as well. There will be Irish music and free Irish hats for everyone.

Happy St Patricks Day

Or you can popover to Heroes Bar in Portals where Hugh Carville will be organising his last quiz of the winter season.    Heroes-Logo  Quiz


logo-emblem Mood

mood-beach-club food


At Mood Beach there will be the Supper Club with speakers talking about Traditional Chinese Medicine, plus dinner will be available for 19.95 for two courses on Thursday evening at 7pm. You need to book in advance by emailing

Saskia Griffiths Yoga - Mood Beach



If you like Deep House and Yoga then why not try experiencing both at the same time on Friday evening when Saskia Griffiths presents a two hour session, she describes it like a “yoga party”· It’s from 20.30 until 22.30 at the Zunray Yoga Studio in Palma.

On Saturday March 19th you can take in the sights and sounds of the Santa Margalida Agricultural Fair which kicks off the Spring fair season. There’s normally something for everybody from farm animals to displays of classic cars.


On Sunday March 20th you can enjoy a great St Patrick’s Day festival in Santa Ponsa where there will be more than a hundred market stalls and a parade through the streets in the afternoon.


Also on Sunday 20 March there will be a fundraising event at SPAP in Palma in support of some of their animal loving colleagues who have been fined for protesting about an upcoming bullfight on the island. That will start at 11am and go on until 4pm. There will be talks about animal welfare, a raffle, a market, a quiz, live music and vegan food on sale.

Bull       spap.jpg

Then we are into the Easter celebrations which are always quite amazing in Mallorca. If you want to entertain, or even scare, the kids a little, then take them along to the Fira del Ram funfair in Son Fusteret close to the Son Castello industrial estate in Palma. The funfair is open every day until Sunday April 10th.

Fira-del-Ram. Fair.JPG

If you like eating then pop along to the Street Food festival in Port Adriano during the weekend of the 25th, 26th and 27th of March. It’s on every afternoon from 5pm to late, you can eat yourself around the world and check out some rather cool looking food trucks and other vehicles as well.


On the Saturday of the same weekend, if you like nature, hiking and adventure sports then nip up to Escorca in Lluc for a day discovering businesses and like minded souls at the Nature Esport exhibition.


The Corner Bar in Palma is having an anniversary bash on Saturday 26th March. They’re also hosting speed interviews for wannabe crew. Super yaThe Corner Bar Palma.pngcht professionals will be returning to the Corner Bar to help them celebrate their anniversary and welcome new crew to Palma, helping them to find their feet here, offering support and advice in job hunting, training, and CVs.

Hook a Job                  Hook a Job                        Hook a Job



Also on Saturday March 26th local artist Vivian Borsoni will be exhibiting at her studio on Calle Fabrica 13b in Santa Catalina in Palma. She will be joined by another artist, Birgit Dierker. They are both very popular artists, and it’s well worth a visit. The show will open at 18.00.

Vivian Borsani - Artist - Calle Fabrica  Vivian Borsani - Artist - Canvas               birgitdierker  Birgit-Dierker-Diverses-Abstraktes

On Sunday March 20th there will be a Asociacion Ondine beach clean up at Playa Es Trenc from 11.30 until 15.00.  It’s organised with a Facebook group for Palma Yacht Crew, but everyone is encouraged to join in. In February 120 enthusiastic and environmentally responsible beach cleaners cleaned up the Eastern half of Playa de Es Trenc and collected more than 500 kilos of rubbish. It was a beautiful day out on the beach for everyone. So with the hugely positive experience freshly in mind, they will now attack the Western end of the beach this time leaving it completely free of plastics ! They will be meeting in Ses Covetes on the Western end of Playa d’Es Trenc at 11.30 hrs.

Asociacion Ondine beach clean up at Playa Es Trenc.jpgOne Table Four Conversations  ISLA Theatre Project

After finishing with the clean up, delicious baguettes with different toppings will be available for 5 Euros a piece as well as beers, sodas and water straight from the ice cooler. All proceeds will go to Asociacion Ondine. Don’t forget to bring with you heavy duty plastic bags, gloves, snacks, water and some money for lunch – and if you are brave; a swimsuit !

There are now two more dates for “One Table Four Conversations” which is the most recent ISLA Theatre Project that sold out on its first run. You can see the show on either March 24th or March 31st (both Thursdays) at 19h30 and 21h30 at Cafe
l’antiquari, just off Via Roma in Palma. The reservation hotline number is: 679518293


Christmas Survival

Xmas Tree Bauble

It’s happening, it’s here. The main event if you’re to believe the hype. Can it possibly live up to the expectations? Well perhaps we should measure our expectations to make sure that we can get through the next week or so with the least amount of stress. I’ve been reading around the subject of “Christmas Survival” and there’s plenty of articles out there on the web which can give you some ideas, but if you don’t have the time, here’s my round up of the best.

Blog Photo - Back to School 3

Don’t try and do everything

If you are responsible for cooking and hosting the Christmas Day activities, then don’t take it all upon yourself. Ask other family members to bring different parts of the meal, such as snacks, salads or desserts – don’t be afraid to ask for help. Make sure you have some time for YOU, even if it’s just allowing yourself to watch one special TV show that you really want to see.

Everything in moderation

Christmas seems to be all about excess – but there is not much enjoyment in feeling the size of a padded Santa suit or as stuffed as the festive turkey! The best advice is moderation – apply it to everything you eat and drink. Drink moderate amounts of alcohol and try to alternate soft drinks or water with alcoholic ones. As for food, have a bit of what you fancy but try not to stuff your face if you can help it! Difficult I know, but try.

Get active, rehydrate and sleep!dog-christmas-xmas-bulldog-medium

You’ve got to balance your festivities with some time to rest, and recuperate. Active recovery, such as taking a walk in the beautiful landscape of Mallorca is a perfect way to do this. Follow it up with a snooze on the sofa or an early bedtime.

Don’t be on your own

If you are concerned about being lonely over Christmas, either being single or unable to spend it with family, then do something about it now. Think about inviting a few others over who are in the same boat as you and consider offering your house as a venue for the event. Also try not to turn down any invitations to other festive events, provided that you are giving yourself a chance to recover in between!

A final word…

Christmas should be fun but if you find that previous years have not been enjoyable then consider doing something about it – try something different. One way would just be to get away from it all and remove the majority of the hassle from the whole festive experience. Although – we all know how stressful preparing for a holiday can be!

Happy Christmas for me and my family to you and yours. Vxxx

Majorca’s the star

Text Vicki McLeod

Photos Evolution Film Festival

Sandra Seeling Lipski, the festival's founder and director.jpg

Last year I went to meet a very impressive woman, Sandra Seeling Lipski, the founder and director of the Evolution Film Festival. A year on, following a very successful festival last year, Sandra is now preparing for this year’s held right here in Majorca. The film festival features movies and documentaries (long and short) in English or subtitled in English which have been created by film makers from all over the world. Sandra, who was born in Berlin and grew up in Majorca is now a resident of LA where she works as an actress, most recently shooting the new series of “Jane the Virgin”.

VMc: So! What’s new, last year you told me that you wanted to have developed the festival enough to have a large sponsor, did you manage to do that?

SSL: We have a new official media partner:  iB3 are onboard with us so that’s really exciting. The Islas Balear Film Commission will be presenting the “Evolutionary Island” award for the best film connected to Majorca. Palma Ayuntamiento are supporting us, we have a big poster on the back of a bus going around and around the city. We have Perrier Jouet champagne sponsoring our reception.. so yes, things are changing and improving!

VMc: Great, so you are growing. This is the fourth year of the festival, you’re doing really well I think.

SSL: The Evolution Film Festival is evolving! We’ve expanded from six days to nine days, we couldn’t fit everything in. We were asked by the people at Port Adriano if we could collaborate with them in some way so we came with the idea of doing a drive in! That’s happening on Saturday November 7th. We had to figure out a way to get the sound inside the cars so we are going to broadcast on a radio signal which you can listen to in your car. It’s only 10€ per car, so you can load it up with people and go in and watch the movie. There’s limited space so it’s best to book in advance on our website. We’re hoping it will be fun! Marc Fosh is hosting a movie food event at San Juan Mercat where he will recreate food from famous scenes in the movies. And we are hosting Mallorca Go which is in association with the Islas Baleares Film Commission where we will take five film makers around Majorca with the intention to inspire them to make movies here.

VMc: Where will you take them?

SSL: They’re thinking around Deia and Valldemossa will be a good place to start. You can see a great variety of different locations there within a small area.

VMc: And will you continue to have the events at Rialto Living?

SSL: Oh yes, Cafe con Cine, yes they are great! They will be in the mornings on the 14th and 15th of November where you will be able to get free coffee and pastries and talk to the film makers who are showing films here. They will be at the beautiful concept store Rialto Living. We welcome filmmakers and actors for a casual Q&A incorporating questions from the audience while enjoying complimentary coffee, croissants and sandwiches from the Rialto Living Bistro. Come early as this event fills up fast!

VMc: And you are also doing a workshop for wannabe film makers?

SSL: Yes, The Producers’ Club, we will talk about the process of producing a script. That will be at Es Baluard on Wednesday 11th November.

VMc: But it all starts with the big premier night.

SSL: Opening night is Tuesday November 10th, we will start the evening with a VIP, Red carpet champagne cocktail reception presented by Champagne Perrier Jouët at the Fundacion La Caixa Bar and Restaurant at 19:00. After we’ve mingled with the filmmakers and actors on the red carpet we will simply cross the street to the majestic Teatro Principal and enjoy the Opening Ceremony and movie, beginning at 21:00. On Wednesday 11th November afternoon at 16:00 we will finally start our screenings at the wonderful cinema Cineciutat a non-profit organization in the heart of Palma aiming to preserve and feature indpendent arthouse cinema. For the following four days you can enjoy a stellar line-up of international feature films, short films, documentary features and shorts, music videos, experimental films and films for Kids – There is something for everyone, comedy, romance, dramas, midnight thrillers and documentaries with social and political themes that aim to educate and inspire you.

VMc: Tell me about the movies, I know it must be hard to choose a handful from the many that you are showing, but which ones stand out for you?

SSL: It’s tricky that’s for sure, everyone asks me this question! We’ve got some amazing, brilliant films to show. “Blood Orange”, which is the film for our premier event this year, was shot in Ibiza. It stars Iggy Pop playing “Bill” a retired, aging rock star. It’s a fun, modern film, a noir thriller. “In Stereo” is our drive in movie, David and Brenda are perfect for each other, and everyone knows it except David and Brenda. It’s a New York City love story. “Pikadero” is a movie examining modern life problems in Spain where unable to fly the nest due to economic limitations young couples have to find a place where they can be alone. “Die Geschichte Vom Astronauten” was shot here in Majorca, it’s about a an author who retreats here to work. “Sling Shot” and “A Candid Affair” were both shot in Majorca as well . Then we are showing “Bridgend” which is about a series of suicides in a small village. And another one that I am really excited about is “The Tribe” which features deaf actors playing pupils in a boarding school for the deaf. They communicate entirely with sign language so you may think you won’t understand it, but you will. Then we have something for children on the Sunday afternoon as well. So we’ve got a wide choice of films for everybody.

Blood Orange, the first movie of the festival        Die Geschichte Vom Astonauten, shot in Majorca (1)

Blood Orange                  Die Geschichte Vom Astronauten

In Stereo, the drive in movie showing at Port Adriano tonight

         In Stereo

Pikadero, takes a humorous look at a problem facing many young Spanish couples


Bridgend, about a series of sad incidents in Wales (1)


VMc: Are there any themes running through your choices?

SSL: I’d say love is a theme this year. Second or even third love, what happens when you meet someone after having been in love before. What happens when seniors fall in love again.

VMc: And the whole thing is judged by a panel and then the winning movies get to be shown at an event in LA?

SSL: Yep, after the last film has been shown we will make the presentations. There are 13 awards and then some of these go to be shown next year at my other festival! It’s a win win situation, I get to bring Majorca to LA and the independent film makers get the chance to have more exposure in heart of the film industry.

Congratulations to Sandra and her team, and good luck for the festival, please support this amazing initiative for Majorca.

A Festival Pass is 50€ and includes: The Opening Champagne Cocktail presented by Perrier Jouet, The Gala screening at Teatro Principal and ALL 22 Blocks at Cineciutat for 50€. More information at : To see more articles about people on the island visit

Winter Wonderland

Christmas lights, Palma, Vicki McLeod

We went skating last weekend at the ice rink in Palma. I say “we” what I really mean is that Gidg ice-walked around the rink whilst my husband and I looked on, grateful that she was over the age limit to go on without a responsible adult. Neither my husband or I can skate with any style at all, and we really don’t want to learn either. Bless her, she tried. Her mates were all better than her, including the ones who were younger than her, but she still gave it a serious go, and wants to go back again for another stab at it. There was quite a big group of us, ten adults and seven kids, and after we’d been at the rink we decided we wanted to go for lunch. In Palma. On a Sunday. Wow, that’s a tougher ask than you realise. I’d love to know where you, dear reader, would recommend for a biggish group to go on a Sunday in Palma for a reasonably priced (no Michelin stars or fancy pants required, just good decent nosh please). You can get in touch with me at As it was we ended up in a pizza place (nothing says Sunday more than a pizza … to be honest I felt a bit hard done by as my brain expects to see either a roast dinner, a BBQ or a paella on a Sunday) which was okay, I guess. The company more than made up for the rather dull lunch. It was a typical Mallorca winter Sunday full of friends, kids and laughs. And it was lovely to walk in the crisp air and look at the lights (and scoff a couple of churros with Chocolate de la Taza).

The electric blankets are now on the beds, and the wood burning stove has received its seasonal wipe down and fire up. Yes, the advent calendar (which I moaned about at length last week) is now in full swing, and I have attended three Christmas fairs already. Coming up tonight at Mood Beach (Thursday December 11th) there will be the “In the Mood” choir performing Christmas Carols in the bar, call 971 676 456 or email for times and more info. Then at the weekend you have the Binissalem Christmas Fair which is not to be missed, it’s great. If you like handmade and unique items then you have to go there for a mooch around. Of course there is also the traditional Christmas fair at Palma Nova (used to be Portals, then it was Santa Ponca, now it’s Palma Nova, but it’s still the one organised by Calvia Council) which will be on over the weekend. And then the one in my neck of the woods in Andratx: this Saturday sees the Plaza being reopened after its facelift and we will all be in there to see what, if any, improvements have been made. See you in Ses Rosses at about 8pm on Saturday night!

Vicki McLeod©2014

Reflections on the beginning

La Gidg and I

La Gidg and I, 2008, our house, S’Arraco

With all this business about competitions and blogs I have had a look back over the last four years of blogging, and found an old blog post.

It explains a lot, so if you are wondering what I am on about, click on the link please. 

Shop Local

The Shop Local Pledge

The Shop Local Pledge

Wow, how did it get to be December? That snuck up on me! This is the season of Christmas markets in Mallorca and we´ve got some nice ones coming up. Already last Sunday La Gidg spent the afternoon helping out on the cake stall run by her Synchronised Swimming team at the Andratx Christmas Market. She loved it, well what´s not to love really? It´s cake and it´s playing shop. A perfect combination. There was a time when I used to have a little salon and I loved playing shop too, I loved arranging the products and talking to my customers. It was a very innocent period in my life, looking back. Things were very much simpler then, there was a purity about it. You want this thing that I have? You pay me, you can have this thing. Easy peasy.

There is a dangerous side to fairs though. You always run the risk of buying something that you love at the time, but then regret instantly afterwards, but you can´t take it back can you? NO. You can´t, it’s far too embarrassing. And we must make sure that we support our local businesses and craftspeople especially at Christmas. Please don´t buy online, get down the high street and buy something from an actual real life person and not some automated computer. Keep the money moving in your local economy and look after the people in your community, it´s vital.

I imagine that selling on a market could be a hard way to make your living, but I bet it´s fun. I could see myself as a chirpy cockney type selling discount ladies underwear, or perhaps I could be a mysterious Arab with fine spices and exotic silks. As it is, I am writing this from bed, It is too cold in my house to be anywhere else but here. If I am such a wuss that I can´t deal with a bit of cold in my own home how do we think I would manage rising at 5am and setting up a market stall? Yep, disaster.  Which is why the “Last Minute Handmade Christmas Market” which I am organising at Mood Beach for December 22 and 23 will start at 11am and finish at 4pm, a healthy time during the day. If you want to have a stall then please get in touch at

Also coming up there is the Calvia Christmas fair which is not in Portals anymore, but has moved to Santa Ponsa, that is on December 9th and will feature the choir in their debut performance! (They´re also going to perform on the 22nd at Mood). Then there is one at Santa Ponsa Country Club the next weekend on the 15th and 16th of December, and the same weekend sees the return of the Alaro Christmas Market as well.

In the meantime I am planning my takeover of the world from under the duvet, at least for today.

Sing like you’re winning

‘The only thing better than singing is more singing,” said Ella Fitzgerald. I’ve got to say that I agree with her, I’ve always sang: in the car, in the shower, occasionally on a stage, mostly to myself, but since being a grown up I’ve never had the chance to sing in a choir. So I am filled with anticipation and excitement about this coming weekend as at 11am on Saturday October 20th we will have the first meeting of the newly formed Mallorca Community Choir. I think that being part of a gang, a group, a choir looks like a lot of fun. It promises to be a really uplifting experience, and I think there’s a few of us that could do with something to lift our spirits over the winter.  So why not give it a go? Absolutely everyone is welcome to come and see what it is all about. No experience is needed, and if you think you can’t sing prepare to surprise yourself as you will improve as you practice.

The choir leader, Emma Sweeney, has just moved to the island and is ready and eager to start. The choir won’t be expensive, the rehearsal space is being donated by Mood Beach Bar and Restaurant, and the subscriptions will be literally to cover the cost of buying sheet music and any other expenses that a choir might incur. The first meeting will be an informal get together to see how many people may be interested to join and to get to know each other. The meeting will be at Mood Beach Bar & Restaurant, Ctra Km 11 Palma – Andratx, Costa D’en Blanes. To help you orientate yourself: Mood is between Marineland and Sporting Tennis Club.

But what about you, does the idea of singing fill you with joy or dread? Did you know that singing is good for you?

Professor Graham Welch, Chair of Music Education at the Institute of Education, University of London, has studied developmental and medical aspects of singing for 30 years: “The health benefits of singing are both physical and psychological. Singing has physical benefits because it is an aerobic activity that increases oxygenation in the blood stream and exercises major muscle groups in the upper body, even when sitting. Singing has psychological benefits because of its normally positive effect in reducing stress levels through the action of the endocrine system which is linked to our sense of emotional well-being. Psychological benefits are also evident when people sing together as well as alone because of the increased sense of community, belonging and shared endeavour.” Seriously, what’s not to like?

You can contact the choir leader Emma through or just turn up this Saturday at 11am at Mood.

Thursday October 1st


Goodness me, it’s great bringing up my little girl in Mallorca, she’s just turned four, she goes to our small local school, speaks three languages, she’s a complete darling, very happy, and has lots of international friends, as do I. Some of my friends look after my little girl when I’m working, and I reciprocate for them. But let’s keep our collective fingers crossed that there isn’t a Majorcan version of Ofsted about to come round checking for ‘illegal babysitting arrangements’ as several of my girlfriends and I will all be in trouble, Police officers Leanne Shepherd and Lucy Jarret in Milton Keynes have fallen foul of what might be the craziest new legislation in the UK: if you look after a friend’s child for more than 2 hours regularly, and in some way ‘benefit’ from it, perhaps by then being able to ask your friend to have your child when they need a sitter, then you need to officially register as a childminder! Add some more pressure on top of that with a new study that claims that the children of working mothers watch more tv, eat more sugar and take less exercise, and it leaves you feeling a tad frustrated really. Interestingly the report didn’t cover the effects of working fathers on the health of their children…. but there’s always the next week and the next survey I suppose.




Anthea and Julian

It’s been a busy week in the Andratx area where we live. Local residents were out in force last weekend to support Julian De Freitas. Julian is preparing to climb Mt Kilimanjaro in Kenya over the next couple of weeks in aid of . Julian is part of a team of 12 climbers all attempting to reach the summit and raise a target of 85’000€. So it was great to see so many people at the Bridgeport Restaurant on Friday September 25th to participate in one of Julian’s legendary fun quizzes. Along with the ‘Reject Raffle’ the event raised over €1000 on the night. Julian expressed his thanks to the Bridgeport’s owner, Errol, and his team for hosting the evening and supplying delicious Indian snacks to boost the quiz teams’ brainpower! You can donate online by visiting the website, and I think there may be a follow up quiz night after the team return from Kenya. By the way, congratulations to Anthea, Julian’s partner, who is expecting their first child next March!



Claudia, Blanca and Trudi

Another well known face from Andratx celebrated last week. Trudi Murray, the founder of Gaia Natural had an open evening at her beautiful shop in Palma. Gaia Natural began about 6 years ago when Trudi did a school science project with her kids – creating soap in their kitchen. From that simple experiment a successful business has grown to the extent that she is now a Master Artisan soap maker. Using totally natural ingredients, many of which she grows organically in her garden in Sa Coma, Trudi has created an important brand for Mallorca. She’s a well known feature at craft markets around the island, and a visit to her shop should be on your ‘to do’ list if you want to get some genuinely unique Mallorcan gifts for friends and family. Many of the soaps and creams are designed for use by children and babies. Apart from the lovely products she makes by hand you can also find other services such as yoga classes and massage sessions, and of course a rather nice cup of tea is always on offer.


ROCK AND ROLL – for grown ups

Tony and The Cadillacs played last weekend at Sharkys in Palma Nova. They’ve got plans to make a regular revival night for rockers, so brush up your blue suede shoes and get ready for some fun nights over the winter.




ROCK AND ROLL – for kids


Boogie Baby  Promotional Photographs

Red Nose Day was back in March, and I organised a kids’ event to raise money for Respiralia, the Cystic Fibrosis charity on Mallorca. We had an incredible turn out – over 250 children and their parents came along to Mood Beach to party for a couple of hours and raise over 1500€ for a deserving cause. It was an exhausting, but exhilarating experience for everyone involved! Now local girls and young mums Sadie Dominguez and Carly Weeks have got together to launch Boogie Baby which has its inaugural event this Saturday afternoon from 15.00 to 18.00 at The Gallery Club in Palma Nova. It promises to be a lot of fun – specifically for kids under the age of 9, it’s a disco for the whole family and an opportunity to have some fun. Sadie and Carly from Boogie Baby are planning to hold parties on the first Saturday of every month which will feature face painting, a bubble machine, a soft play area, a dress up box, a clown, balloon bending, snacks for all, and loads of terrific music played (in this instance)  by DJ God, Des Mitchell. They’ve thought of everything, even the lovely Sally from Angels Nursing Agency, and Chetana from the massage company Bodhana will be in attendance. Tickets are available in advance for 9€ per head (non walking babies get in free) or €10 on the door. Knowing what this sort of event entails I wish the Boogie Baby chicas lots of luck: our little girl has already got her princess outfit looked out for Saturday afternoon! Carly 608 396 919 or Sadie 659 686 353


MUSICAL – by kids, for kids

Joseph and the Amazing Technicolour Dreamcoat was originally written by Tim Rice, and occasional island resident Andrew Lloyd Webber well over forty years ago for a school group. This weekend is an opportunity to catch it at the Sala Mozart in Palma 2nd – 4th October. Performed by Centre Stage Productions you can get more info from 971 221 530. Good luck to one and all!


If you want to suggest a family activity please email: familymattersmallorca(at sign)