Lesley Wodward

What’s on in November 2017

So, let’s start with some free curry! Tomorrow evening at Bindi’s in Santa Catalina in Palma from 7pm they will be serving complimentary Indian street food, playing good music and welcoming everyone. It sounds like a great chance to get to meet some new people.

On Thursday 9th from 5 to 7pm you can hang out and enjoy music and drinks at the Estudio 3 Christmas preview in Portals Nous village.  

On Friday the 10th there will be a soul, funk, rock and blues night featuring the saxophonist Norbert Fimpel at Finca Can Corem in Campos. The night starts at 9pm and entrance is 12 euros. Finca Can Corem is also the venue for a flea market on this coming Sunday, November 12th from 10am. And the following Friday, November 17th there will be a disco night.

Pray for clear skies this Saturday morning as it is the EL FENÓMENO at 8am in Palma Cathedral. The sun shines through the 12m eastern window and lights up the back western wall above the western round window, to form a perfect 8. It only happens twice a year.

This weekend coming there will be a big Wedding Fair at Finca Son Termes in Bunyola. It runs daily from about midday to 9pm. There will be exhibitors for everything bridal on Mallorca so if you’re thinking of getting hitched or you work in the industry it is a must see. There will be a fashion show on the Saturday evening featuring many of the dress shops in Mallorca.

Next week is TaPalma which is a fun food event in Mallorca.  You can try out tapas and cocktails on various routes around the city from November 15 to 19 . on Monday, November 13, two days before the start of the tapas and cocktails route, the 2017 TaPalma Contest will take place at the Escola d’Hoteleria de les Illes Balears. A professional fair aimed at professionals in the sector and the general public will be held in the same venue. You can get more info on my website.

If you want to support a local artist then please go along and see “Tramuntana Lines” by Lesley Woodward which is at the Aina Pastor Art gallery on Costa de Santa Creu in Palma.  The exhibition is on until November 18th.

Thursday 16th Mallorca has its biggest fair of the year. Dijous Bo in Inca. It is enormous and features a great range of different agricultural supplies, animals, crafts, foods, and much more. You can get the train to Inca for the day which might be better than trying to park.

Every Saturday there is a car boot fair at the Jolly Roger in Alcudia

The first of the Christmas Fairs will be at the Anglican Church in Palma on November 18th from 10.30am to 1.30pm. There will be plenty of gift options to purchase, like handmade items, candles, and jewellery. This may also be your first mince pie of the season. There will also be games and a raffle to take part in. Christmas songs will be performed by the British International College choir and Father Christmas will be there as well!

18th of November A ma Maison Restaurant in Santa Catalina will be celebrating their 6 year anniversary. Tickets are on sell at the restaurant. Price is 45 euros include drinks food and entertainment. Places are limited.

This is also the weekend for the Caimari Olive Fair  which runs over Saturday and Sunday. It’s in Caimari which is one of Mallorca’s prettiest villages.  There will be displays of olive oil making, local products, a wide range of market stalls, folk performances, pony rides and loads of things for children.

On Sunday the 19th there is the Honey fair in Llubi, and the following weekend on Sunday November 26th there is the Mushroom fair at Mancor de la Vall.

On Wednesday 22nd November I am organising a friend making networking event in Palma, go and join the Mallorca Matters Meet Up Facebook group for more information.

On the evening of Wednesday 22nd November at the Boathouse from 7.30pm there will be a fundraising pub quiz for the Palma Dogs group organised by Caroline Stapley.

And finally, at Thursday 23rd the Christmas lights go on in Palma. Get to the Borne about 5.30pm for the warm up fun with circus performers.

New Year’s Resolutions, Update

Last January, twelve months ago, I wrote about the New Year’s Resolutions of several people living in Majorca, and I promised them that I would follow up with them over the year. Did they keep the promises they made to themselves? Read on to find out.


Julia Ball

RESOLUTION: To open her dream business, a wedding dress shop

When I went to visit Julia she had just signed the lease on her shop. “I really want people to enjoy the process of choosing the dress so we will be doing the fittings in a downstairs lounge in my new shop. I am passionate about brides having the dress that they dream of wearing but at a reasonable price. We will be looking for REAL women, not stick thin models, but real looking women who want to model for us. I’m SO excited!”

MID YEAR UPDATE: “I have been open for a few weeks and it’s going okay, like all new businesses it will take a while however. I am happy with the progress and the contacts I am making and looking forward to working with some great people. I am extremely excited for the new 2016 collections which will be arriving between now and September. In the short time we have been open three dresses have already been ordered for next year (two bridal and one communion).  There is a new jewellery range arriving soon and also bespoke shoes. The plans for the future are very good and I am so excited!” Julia’s shop is on the same parade as the Alan Graham Charity shop in Cala Major. You can find her at Confetti Espania.

END OF YEAR UPDATE 2015: “My resolutions are still going great guns, as I said a new business will be slow to start but lots of interest and have three brides this weekend – Sunday, doing lots of fairs in UK, and I have a new designer from the UK for children’s communion gowns and party dresses, and also mother of the bride dresses that will be introduced later in the year. My 2016 resolutions are to make Confetti Espania known all over Balearic Islands and mainland, to get MPG up and running fully, and after going to see the Doctor this morning, losing 10kilos by the end of the year! I am in such a great place with everything now especially after putting the negative people that were in my life to the back of me and concentrating on positive and kind people. I’m loving living on the island!”



 Richie Prior

 RESOLUTION: To get fit again

 Crisps are his weakness so when met in January we went to Nice Price to take photos with them. During our conversation he polished off two packets.

MID YEAR UPDATE: “Oh joy! Surely it’s too hot for this! I would hope with all the sweating I’m doing I am actually losing weight! Mind you a few of the demon crisps have passed my lips I confess! ”

END OF YEAR UPDATE: ” Well if I’m honest I’m where I was this time last year. Christmas and New Year in the UK probably didn’t help! However I’m back on the no carbs diet and we are planning something for the listeners and presenters on the radio. I’ll let you know!” You can listen to Richie at http://www.radioonemallorca.com



Diane Hughes

RESOLUTION: To stop drinking

Diane loves to cook; she’s very good at it as well. She’s also a great copywriter. When I went to see her at her apartment, where she had just had a brand new kitchen fitted, it looked great and I was very jealous. “I want to stop drinking wine Vic,” she told me, “I feel like if I do then I will be taking control of my health. It’s just so cheap to buy wine in Majorca, not like in the UK”.

MID YEAR UPDATE:” Uffff …. I’ve been rubbish.  In fact I’ve been worse than ever – it’s almost like my brain has had a rebel up and thought – how bad can you be!  Anyway, I think I’ve had an epiphany – and I think I am going to start again this week.”

END OF YEAR UPDATE: “The year finished up well. I’ve managed to stick to my resolution for five months and still going. Have decided I will continue to refrain from vino while running a bar as it could have serious effect on the profits. All good – this year’s resolution is to get fit! I plan to terrorize Javi in the gym next door to the bar just as soon as I get back from the UK.” Diane is now jointly running the Infuze Bar in Illetes, pop past and say hello!



Mathilde Recoque

RESOLUTION: To learn to play the guitar

Mathilde is from a large family. When she and her son went home for Christmas 2014 her sisters sat around the living room and played guitar for them. “I really wanted to join in; it’s so wonderful to be  able to play an instrument. I’ve promised myself by next Christmas I will be able to play along with them”. Mathilde has enlisted the help of a very talented musician, Benji, son of Tracey Evans to help her learn, and she also has her friend Charlie who is ready and willing to help her. I’m expecting at least a version of Smoke on the Water by Easter.

END OF YEAR UPDATE: My resolution for 2016 is to give up on ever setting new year’s resolutions in my life ever again!  I have bought myself a guitar stand to celebrate! And play. A little. At least more than this time last year.



Lesley Woodward

RESOLUTION: To write a blog about her creative process

Lesley is an artist specialising in embroidery and mixed media, creating collages using papers and fabrics – dyed, painted, stitched, or any combination of the above – usually layered and replete with elements of pattern. Having been inspired by the book `Share like an artist´ she decided to start a blog about her work.

MID YEAR UPDATE: “My New Year´s resolution is going along fine. keeping it up though not so much recently, but I am not stressed about that because I have found that having a Facebook  business page  for my work has become an extension of my sketch-book and I don´t get down to working in that all the time anyway. But it´s great to have it on line to refer to and add to. I am soooo glad I started it. As you know I was a bit daunted, but now I am more confident in working through the technical process. Recently I have had exhibitions in London and Deia and been a bit distracted, therefore have not had need to communicate as much on Facebook but that’s cool, I am really pleased that I started to store my work in an interactive way, I think it is an authentic extension to what I do”.

END OF YEAR UPDATE: “Last year´s resolution was to communicate my creativity. Which was successful. I opened a Business page on Facebook. This year´s resolution is not to procrastinate. So now I have to use my Facebook business page more frequently. I believe it will be much easier now I have a brill camera on my phone. I didn’t realise how easy it could be. Before my new phone I had to download from my camera and then onto laptop it took so much longer!”


Of the ten people I started with interviewing at the beginning of the year, four of them managed to achieve their resolutions. What made them successful and not others? Setting reasonable, achievable goals which are within your control is the key to making your resolution work. What have you resolved to change in your life this year? If you would like to be in the series of articles planned for this year then please get in touch.

You can see the original articles at http://www.mallorcastories.co If you want to be in a Mallorca Stories article please contact me via the Bulletin.