St Antoni

Events in Mallorca, January 2018

11230863_10153554291537025_8774810223230386098_oYou may think that Christmas, and New Year AND the Three Kings are over, and that therefore everything is back to normal in Mallorca, but you would be wrong as we still have two more fiestas to go this month, and we love them!
First up we have St Antoni this coming weekend. You will be able to join in at outdoor barbecues all over the island on Saturday evening. Some of the best ones are in my neck of the woods which is Andratx and S’Arraco, but you will also have places like Sa Pobla, Felanitx, Muro, Santanyi, Sencelles, Son Servera, Pollensa and Binissalem to check out as well. They are spread out over the weekend with some happening on Friday evening as well. The fiesta is split into two halves: you have the barbecue where everyone steals everyone elses’ sausages and gets drunk, followed by the Corre Foc, the fire run where recently inebriated people are invited to participate with people dressed up in really scary devil costumes and play with fireworks. What could possibly go wrong? Then on Sunday you have to make your way to the church with your pet cat, dog, sheep, goat, hamster, whatever you have you should take along to be blessed. There are blessings in Biniali, Cala D’Or, Santanyi, Soller, and Andratx. Look out for the celebrations as well in Alaro with a parade, bonfires and a correfoc in the evening. You can also go along to Deya, Maria de la Salut, Muro, Sa Coma, Santa Maria del Cami, Soller, Son Carrio and more action in Sa Pobla.
Then all attention is focused on Palma for the big San Sebastian parties. The Fiesta Sant Sebastia is one of the biggest festivals in Mallorca and celebrates the Patron Saint of the capital. The big nights are around the 18th, 19th and 20th (the day of Saint Sebastian), with the main parties and concerts being held on the 19th. Various squares in Palma become the venues for different types of music, for example Plaza Cort will become the stage for electronic music and Porta Santa Catalina will be the Jazz Stage whilst Placa Rei Joan Carles 1 will be the ska and reggae stage. Other entertainments such as the Castellers de Mallorca and the fire runs (Correfoc – wear long sleeves!) are on the 20th January. There will be exhibitions, music and parades for the duration of the festival and you’ll find all the details in the Official Programme (available about a week before the event).
From January 12th to the 14th there is a very special opportunity for men to get involved with yoga. Run by David Lurey it is spread out over three days at Earth Yoga in Palma: Friday evening, all day Saturday and then Sunday morning. The programme is for men of ALL shapes, sizes, flexibility and health levels and is designed for men to introduce the body, mind and life changing practice of Yoga. During the weekend you explore yoga poses for Increased flexibility and health and lean into your edge as a man to learn about the body, mind, spirit connection

On the 16th of January you can have fun and raise money for animals at the first Bow Wow Bingo event. It´s being held at The Boathouse in Palma from 7pm so get down there and get dabbing!

On Friday the 19th if you don’t fancy the concerts in Palma you can hop over to Finca Can Corem in Campos where there will be a disco for people 40 plus.

On Saturday the 20th there will be a Surya Soma yoga class which includes dancing, singing, and meditating at the Pramu Yoga centre at Estudi Ciutat Antigua in Palma. Contact Claudia on 609063327.–

From January 24th onwards a local designer, Eli, is running Make Your Own Yoga Wear workshops where you will learn how to make your own leggings, leotard and top! You learn how to use an overlock and coating machine, how to scale a pattern to fit your own size, and at the end of the course you will have your own unique clothes and the skills to make more!  Find out more at

From Thursday 25th to the 28th there is the 27th Vuelta of Mallorca which normally attracts several professional cycling teams to the island. On each day they race through different parts of the island with the final race on the Sunday being from the Playa de Palma to the finish line on the Paseo Maritimo in Palma.  You can get more information at

On Friday the 26th there will be another in the series of group discussions run by Glynis German about death. It will be in Verdeteja in Alcudia. There will be another workshop in the same place on the 31st run by Anna Digon about relationships.  And on the 27th at Son Barrina finca which is between Inca and Llubi there will be an introduction to Permaculture.

Then on the weekend of the 26th a great musician, Luis Paniagua, will be visiting Palma, firstly to accompany a yoga class at Earth Yoga with Mirjam Wagner on the Friday evening 7 to 9pm and then on Saturday 27th January he will present his Sacred Music Concert from 7pm to 9pm.
Finally on Saturday January 27th you will be able to visit the Tira’m Els Trastos which is a second hand and vintage market. It is open from 10.30 to 2.30pm and you can find it in front of the PAC in Santa Catalina, on Glorieta Pau Casals.


¿dónde están los perros?

The dogs have gone awol. It’s past 23.00 and O is out looking for the little buggers. They’ve disappeared, off piste goat hunting, in the mountains.

He walks them every evening whilst I’m putting G to bed and reading (for the nnth time) The Tiger Who Came To Tea. Whilst I am convincing G it really IS time to go to sleep, O is yomping across the mountains which lie in a horseshoe around us whilst the dogs harass wild goats and make themselves unpopular with the locals. Animal ownership in Mallorca is a strange paradox. The Spanish don’t have the greatest image of animal care, but they are big fans of the dog. Oddly there is a tendency to own a dog which is kept at a finca in the countryside, frequently tied up which is a sad practice. It’s peculiar because there is even an annual fiesta (St Antoni) where they celebrate animals, the dogs are taken off their chains for the day and brought into the towns where they are blessed with holy water, sprinkled over them by a priest.

We have two dogs, a Breton Spaniel, and a Dachshund. The Breton is viewed appreciatively by the hunting, shooting, fishing elements of our village – he’s a big boy for his breed, and the breed is popular locally for its usefulness in those outdoor pursuits. The Dachshund is tolerated, but only just. She’s a bit feisty and a bit naughty, and just a little too keen on escaping out of our garden and running up and down the road barking at people walking, or indeed cars driving, past the house.

We found the Breton in a finca when he was about 6 weeks old. We were there for a party and as guests of the owners of the finca were required to do a tour of their outhouses which were home to a variety of farm animals, including goats, sheep and pigs. When we reached the pigsty where two enormous Black Pigs were snorting and snuffling around we were initially delighted to see a piglet, but on closer inspection realised that it wasn’t a piglet, but a puppy. The puppy had mistakenly found itself on the wrong side of the pigsty and we wondered aloud what would happen to it if we left it inside the pighouse…. didn’t pigs pretty much eat anything that got in their way? The puppy was swiftly removed from the sty and took up residence on the inside of my coat where he stayed. We didn’t mean to get a dog, but ended up taking him home with us….

A couple of years on and we (or I should say I) found ourselves in the position of having a garden and only the one dog to make a complete mess of it. So speed up the process we (or rather, I) decided that a second, smaller dog would be a great idea, to keep the Breton company. Wrong wrong wrong. She’s a complete nightmare. You can’t leave anything out in the kitchen as she leaps onto worktops to devour the leftovers, or even the beginnings, of a meal, she is Houdini returned in the shape of a dog and she loves loves loves to chase goats. So that is why O is out right now looking for them….. we haven’t seen them since 20.30. That’s three hours ago, and no sign of them, or O….. I’m idlly wondering what’s happenned to them as I chug through a copa de vino.

A glass of wine later and he is back, swearing. The dogs aren’t with him. And he’s adamant he’s not going back out to look for them again. So off I am going with my special dog whistle, my fingers crossed, and my jungle strength mosquito repellant on.

Post update: 12.48am Home, with two dogs who look rather pleased with themselves. I am covered in mozzie bites and there’s no wine left in the bottle, and no chocolate anywhere in the house. Oh the joys of dog ownership.