Month: January 2009


Still thinking about publishing the rant. Might just be in terrible mood due to lack of alcohol and nicotine in my system….. day eight and starting to really feel it now. Apparently if there’s no pain then there’s no gain….. hmmm.

What I did on my holidays

I’ve written a rant, which I now have to sleep on (don’t want to offend anyone and need to edit it) so, in the meantime, here is my list of things to do which I wrote before Christmas….

Christmas to do list

To do
Defrost fridge
Chop a lot of wood
Walk dog
De-flea animals
Replace glass in broken window
Clean car
Buy mouse poison
Find out which hoover bag fits the hoover
Send cards
Put wooden box on blocks so it stops rotting
Take money to bank
Air freshener
Breath mints
Get hair done
Find clothes without holes in
Can the dog come to xmas?
Buy light bulb for fridge
Book flights for v & c’s wedding
Collect shoe – Monday
Glue boots back together
Make presents for Georgie and Trudi
Do tax return
Wax legs
Bake mincepies
Sort out office, G’s room, bathroom
Labels & wrapping
Edit interview
New Year’s Ads